Kim Feenstra wants a coffee at Diederik Gommers: “I am not a corona denier, but I do have questions”

Model Kim Feenstra questions the campaign around the corona vaccination. According to her, it feels like a “brainwash”. “Because if you wouldn’t want to get vaccinated? “Will you” be allowed “to participate” less “in your” old life “for corona?” She wrote on Instagram. Ic specialist Diederik Gommers is shocked by her words. He does not fully understand Feenstra’s criticism, he said at Shownieuws last night. “It scares me. If she thinks that, more people think that way. We really should try to explain that. It says very clearly that it is a choice that no one should “vaccinate” himself. Not an anti-vaxxer Feenstra said last night, shortly before Gommers’ reaction, that she does not want to be placed among the corona doubters. “I am not an anti-vaxxer. Never been. I have been vaccinated for Africa with no problems.

And I’ve never lied about throwing something in at a festival. And I’m not a Covid-19 denier, either. And I also adhere to the measures. I have masks in all colors, but I prefer to wear black. ” “I don’t really understand why you can’t ask a question about this or find anything about this without immediately being called” mindless “a” conspiracy fool “or” shit “about the measures and want all people to die. I know that there are many people with me who have the same questions and / or doubts. My inbox is full. And yes, also from ICU nurses, who have doubts or say they shouldn’t take the vaccine because they don’t trust the speed at which the vaccine was developed. ” Feenstra calls on the government to provide people with better information about the vaccine.

“But if you are” known “you have to keep your mouth shut. Especially if you are also a model. Sigh. “Other celebrities, such as Tees Milne, Jetteke van Lexmod, Monique Smit and Everon Jackson Hooi, fully agree with the words of the model. “Amen”, Smit writes. Hay: “Heroine!” Feenstra concluded with an appeal to Gommers to have a coffee with him. “Then I’ll ask you for the bottom line.” Whether Gommers will accept that invitation is unknown.

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